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Our Mission

Youth Futures is supported by partners across the city who believe in providing opportunities to youth from vulnerable communities and promoting…

  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Better leadership, communication, and conflict resolution skills
  • Academic and employment self-efficacy
  • Improved attitude towards school
  • Demonstrate stronger abilities in the workplace
  • Sense of responsibility and of community
  • Greater financial literacy, awareness of financial resources, and ability to plan for the costs associated with post-secondary.

Since 2008, over 500 youth, living in low-income communities, have participated in Youth Futures

Ottawa Community and Housing Foundation
City of Ottawa
University of Ottawa


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  • BLG has employed a youth every summer since 2013 and over that time, we have been consistently impressed by the quality of the candidates.  They bring a level of maturity that is rarely seen of kids their age. We continue to be a proud supporter of the program as well as of the 5 students we’ve been privileged to host to date.

    Sara Lemieux

The Program

Youth Futures is a 7 month program that provides skills, information, support and practical experience to succeed in college, university and the work force. We provide (in both official languages) advanced leadership training, a variety of employment positions and a post-secondary experience.

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