Six-week summer employment placements offer Youth Futures participants the opportunity to test-drive’ a potential career choice, build an employer network and gain valuable skills. Every year dozens of organizations throughout Ottawa hire Youth Futures participants to fill their entry level or summer positions. To inquire about hosting a Youth Futures student this summer, please contact Youth Futures Employment Program Coordinator


Youth Futures is led by the City of Ottawa and administered in partnership with the Ottawa Community Housing Foundation and BGC Ottawa. All three organizations share a similar mandate to break down barriers and alleviate the effects of poverty and inequities faced by the City’s marginalized communities.

Youth Futures is a large-scale collaboration of community leaders, local businesses, health and social service agencies, mentors, Youth Futures alumni, high schools, and post-secondary institutions. All share a common goal of addressing barriers to post-secondary educational pursuits.

Host employers agree to provide a Youth Futures participant with a paid summer position involving a minimum of 210 hours; adequate orientation to the position and appropriate supervision. Placements can be virtual, on-site or a combination of both.

If you are interested in hosting a student from the Youth Futures program, we ask you to contact the Youth Futures Employment Program Coordinator to obtain an information package that outlines all requirements.

We do our best to confirm employer placements prior to placing students. We then match students with prospective employers in accordance with our knowledge of the participants, their post-secondary interests and career paths.

The Youth Futures program focuses on education, leadership, and employment skills training and provides youth with a variety of learning opportunities. Participants receive 6 modules of Advanced Leadership Training including:

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Social Media Impact & Influence
  3. Leadership Styles and Principles
  4. Physical & Mental Health for Youth
  5. Workplace Health & Safety Overview
  6. Teamwork and Collaboration

Youth also receive Standard First Aid & CPR with AED, High Five PHC, AODA, and the City of Ottawa’s CORE training.

Throughout the Youth Futures program youth participate in workshops that address resume theory, resume writing, interview skills, and job retention.

A limited number of wage subsidies are available to non-profit organizations to help offset the costs associated with a six-week summer placement. For more information about subsidies, please contact the Youth Futures Employment Coordinator